Louisiana High School Fishing League


Use this form to quickly enter your team in the
2023 Fishin For a Mission Tournament!

This tournament is open to any combination of 1 Adult Boat Captain and 1 or 2 HS or JR anglers.
This is separate from the League Registration – even if you have registered for the League, you MUST register your Fishin For A Mission Team!

Registration & Pre-Tournament Meeting / Dinner:

  • 6pm at H&W Powersports
  • Entry Fee: 1 Bicycle 
  • Dinner Provided for Anglers & Boat Captain
  • Rules / Information to be given at meeting!

Tournament Information:

  •  6:45am TAKEOFF and First Cast
  • Teams MUST stay near launch area until 6:45am
  • Lines Out at 1:00pm
  • Must be Checked In at H&W Powersports by 2:00pm!